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Creepshow 2
You killed me!!!
You killed me!!!
Well, it's time for this boogieman to boogie.
Thanks for the ride, lady.
Let's go, Fat Stuff. We got some money that needs spending.
\"What happened, Mrs Lansing?\" Oh, I ran over some guy, and over, and over, and over...
You're seeing things, bitch.
Catch him! I want his ass.
I... beat... you. Whatever you are. I beat you!
I've never seen anyone so impatient, Billy. As if your life depended on getting the first copy off the presses.
This hair is gonna get me paid and laid.
Ooh, mucho ecological, Poncho, mucho ecological.
The Venus flytraps. Giant Venus flytraps. They eat meat!
When the curtain goes up, the terror begins.
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