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RoboCop 2
Patience, Lewis. We're only human.
Patience, Lewis. We're only human.
He's back to protect the innocents.
Go fuck a refrigerator, pecker neck!
I am officer Alex Murphy, Detroit Police Department.
Let me up. I must go.
Now, settle down, honey. I'm doing you people a favor just by talking to you.
I'm gonna die. You know what that's like, don't you? It really sucks.
You! Get outta here! You're obsolete!
You're perfect. I must have you.
Thank you for not smoking.
Think it over, creep.
Bad language makes for bad feelings.
Waste makes haste, for time is fleeting.
It's the thought that counts.
It's bullshit! Bullshit, you senile, old bastard!
People want paradise, and they will have it.
Isn't the moon wonderful tonight?
Made in America.
That thing is a killer.
You're coming with me, Cain.
They say he's got a brain. I wanna see it.
Ladies, stay down.
That son of a bitch is getting away with it and we can't even touch him.
Freeze. Nobody move. This is a bust.
Where is Cain?
Robocop. Crime Prevention Unit. OCP.
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