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On the Beach
there is still time... brother
there is still time... brother
To a blind... blind world.
I envy you.
There isn't time. No time to love.
The war started when people accepted the idiotic principle that peace could be maintained by arranging to defend themselves with weapons they couldn't possibly use without committing suicide.
[ driving a car ]
Would you have a glass of cherry with an old man?
It's possible.
All I want to see come through that hatch is you. As naked as a baby. You understand?
You're going to kill yourself.
A new model. Only one horse power but she does a good eight miles an hour on the flat.
I love Americans. They're so naive.
If you're going to be in Melbourne by eleven you'd better hurry.
There is hope! There has to be hope! There's always hope!
Even if you don't like me, would you please just hold on to me for a moment longer?
It's like looking at a French movie.
I can sing and dance.
Seems that everybody I know is going. I feel left out.
The biggest story of our time!
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